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Vivica A. Fox Tattoos

Vivica A. Fox is a fabulously beautiful American actress, best known for her role in the movie, Set It Off and Booty Call.

Vivica A. Fox quite a collection of tattoos on her, including a rose and a string of veins on her lower back, which she calls her "handle bars".

The lovely actress also has a small fox tattoo on her right arm, plus small ring around her toe.

Some of her other tattoo designs include, a large cross on her back right shoulder blade, and a vertical line of three Chinese characters on her back left shoulder blade.

Stephen Dorff Tattoos

Stephen Dorff is a marvelous American movie actor, best known for his role in the movie Backbeat and Blade.

Stephen Dorff has a handful of tattoos which we have spotted on him, including a tiny heart on the back of his right elbow, and the name of his mother "Nancy" on his right forearm.

The actor also has an unknown tattoo design on his right bicep area, and another tattoo design just above his left armpit.

Stephen Dorff Tattoos.

Hilary Duff Tattoos

Hilary Duff is a beautiful and extremely talented American actress and recording artist, perhaps best known for her lead role in the TV series Lizzie McGuire.

Hilary Duff currently has five tattoos on her body, including the French phrase "ma petite amie" on the upper right side of her midsection.

She also has the word "Shine" on her right hand middle finger, plus a shining star on the back of her neck just below the hairline.

The star has two other tattoos which we know about, one being a small anchor located on her inner left ankle, and finally the phrase "Let It Be" on the outside of her right foot.

Regarding her foot tattoo she has been quoted as saying "I have a hectic, crazy life. Things are crazy all around me, and I get stressed out. It’s like, I’m just one little person, let it be. And that’s what it is!

Hilary Duff celebrity tattoos.

Jamie Foxx Tattoos

Jamie Foxx is an excellent American actor and comedian, known for his role in such films as Ray and Dreamgirls.

Jamie Foxx has been spotted on the big screen while donning tattoos on his body, including a tribal crown design on the back of his head, plus extensive tribal artwork on his arms chest and back.

As far as we know, Jamie Foxx doesn't have any real tattoos on his body.

Chris Evans Tattoos

Chris Evans is an excellent American actor, known for her work in such films as Fantastic Four and Push.

Chris Evans has quite a few tattoos on his body, including tribal style Taurus tattoo located on his left shoulder.

The tattoos on his right arm include a large Kanji symbol, along with a line of unknown text.

On the upper right portion of his torso is a tribute tattoo to his best friend, Matt, who sadly passed away in an accident, the tattoo reads "In Loving Memory of Bardsley With Me Always".

He is also rumored to have the astrological signs of his mother and siblings tattooed somewhere on his body.

Eliza Dushku Tattoos

Eliza Dushku is a stunningly beautiful American actress, known for her role on the television show Tru Calling and Dollhouse.

Eliza Dushku has an array of tattoos on her body, including a double-headed eagle at the top of her back which is reminiscent of Albania's national flag.

The actress has the phrase "Lead, Kindly Light" tattooed on her left hip, which is a hymn written by John Henry Newman. She also has a small cross tattooed on her left ankle.

She is also said to have a feather tattoo on her ribs which was done by Kat Von D, plus a couple other unknown tattoo designs somewhere on her body.

Minnie Driver Tattoos

Minnie Driver is a delightfully talented English actress and singer-songwriter, best known for her role in the movie Good Will Hunting and Hard Rain.

Minnie Driver has a couple of tattoos on her body, one of which is a heart and dagger design located on her left arm.

The lovely actress also has a rose tattoo on her left butt cheek.

Robert Downey Jr. Tattoos

Robert Downey Jr. is a spectacular American actor, known for his role in such movies as Air America and Iron Man, among a slew of numerous other hit movies.

Robert Downey Jr has a few tattoos to mention, including the name of his wife "Suzie" on his left bicep, plus the name of his son "Indio" along with a picture frame type design located on his right shoulder.

It has been said that the actor also has a tattoo design which resembles himself with a chiseled body, located on his left arm.

He also has been pictured with a United states flag with the letter U.S.A, however this tattoo is believed to be fake.

Taye Diggs Tattoos

Taye Diggs is a fantastic American actor, known for such movies as How Stella Got Her Groove Back and Go.

Taye Diggs currently has three tattoos which we know about, including a Chinese Dao symbol on his right shoulder, plus an unknown tattoo design of a circle and symbol on his left shoulder.

The actor also has an Egyptian ankh tattoo located on his inner right ankle.

Robert De Niro Tattoos

Robert De Niro is a brilliant legendary American actor, known for his role in such movies as Raging Bull and Taxi Driver.

Robert De Niro was seen with several fake tattoos while filming the movie Cape Fear, however he is rumored to only have one real tattoo design, a panther in an unknown location.

Robert De Niro Tattoos.

Penelope Cruz Tattoos

Penelope Cruz is a breathtakingly beautiful Spanish actress, know for such movies as Vicky Cristina Barcelona and Nine.

Penelope Cruz has a single visible tattoo design on her body which is located on her right ankle.

The tattoo is of the numbers "883" which is in reference to the art of numerology, eight stands for money, power and success and three stands for skills in communications and creativity.

Daniel Craig Tattoos

Daniel Craig is a marvelous English actor and producer, perhaps best known for his role as James Bond in the movie, Casino Royale.

Daniel Craig has three tattoos which we have spotted, including a condor done in the style of Peru's Nazca lines, located on his right shoulder.

His other tattoos includes what appears to be the letter "H" on his right hip, plus an unknown tattoo design on the inside of his right ankle.

Bradley Cooper Tattoos

Bradley Cooper is a handsome talented American actor who is best known for his role in the movie The Hangover and Wedding Crashers.

Bradley Cooper has been pictured with his shirt off while sporting a couple of unknown tattoo designs on his chest and right arm, however we can't confirm if these tattoos are real or not. Stay tuned for a Bradley Cooper tattoo update.

Sean Connery Tattoos

Sean Connery is a magnificent Academy Award, Golden Globe Award winning Scottish actor and produce, known for his role in countless hit movies including Bond films between 1962 and 1983.

Sean Connery has two tattoos on his body, including a heart with a dagger through it saying "Scotland Forever" and a bird with a scroll in its mouth which says "Mum and Dad".

Both tattoos are located on his right forearm.

Tommy Chong Tattoo

Tommy Chong is a great Canadian comedian, actor and musician, plus a legendary iconic figure of the hippie-era stoners.

Tommy Chong has a crest tattoo which is surrounded by several stars, located on his right bicep.

Does Tommy Chong have anymore tattoos?


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