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Derek Fisher Tattoo

Derek Fisher is and excellent American professional basketball player, known for his time spent with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Derek Fisher has a Chinese tattoo design on his inner right forearm, which means "faithful, heart, mind and spirit".
Derek Fisher arm tattoo.

Tim Duncan Tattoos

Tim Duncan is a great NBA basketball player who has player his entire career with the San Antonio Spurs.

Tim Duncan has two visible tattoos on his body, one being a jester located on his back right shoulder blade.

The star athlete also has Merlin the Magician on the left side of his chest.

Tim Duncan tattoos.

A.J. Burnett Tattoos

A.J. Burnett is a fantastic Major League Baseball pitcher who has spent most of his career with the Florida Marlins and New York Yankees.

A.J. Burnett has quite a collection of tattoos on his body, mainly on his two arms where he has two partial sleeves.

Some of his tattoos include, Bruce Lee on his triceps, the zodiac symbol of Pisces on his left wrist/hand, an Aztec symbol of sorts, a skull rosary, character from movie "300", plus numerous other tattoo designs.

He has been quoted as saying "I think tattoos are somebody's personality coming out. I was into art when I was growing up, I've always been into that kind of stuff. I think they are really cool and I like them a lot."

Booker T Tattoos

Booker T is a wildly popular American professional wrestler who is known for his work with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and World Championship Wrestling (WCW).

Booker T has three tattoo designs which we are aware of including a large sun on his left shoulder and a rather large patch of flames of his right shoulder.

He also has an unidentified tattoo design located in the center of his back between the two shoulder blades.

Carlos Boozer Tattoos

Carlos Boozer is a phenomenal American professional basketball player and Olympic gold medalist, who has played for the Utah Jazz and Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA.

Carlos Boozer has a great deal of tattoos on most of his upper body, including a huge archangel which covers most of his back.

The tattoos on his left arm include, a large grizzly bear clawing through his skin along with some text, he has a biblical scroll with many names including Christ, plus a single eye and a name on his wrist. All of the tattoos on his left arm have a flame border around the designs.

The tattoos on his right arm include, a full body portrait of himself with the Alaskan Mountains and skyline of Juneau in the background, with the words "God's Will" and "Faith". On his right forearm is a heavenly scene with two angels and rays of light shining through clouds from heaven, with the words "Heaven Sent".

Some of Carlos Boozer's tattoos were done by the world famous tattoo artist, Mister Cartoon.

Chauncey Billups Tattoos

Chauncey Billups is a fantastically clutch American professional basketball player who has achieved NBA Finals MVP, plus a five-time NBA All-Star, known by his nickname "Mr Big Shot".

Chauncey Billups has a fair amount of tattoo designs, including the word "Smooth" on his upper shoulder with basketballs for the two O's in smooth.

The tattoos on his left arm include a basketball player which resembles himself wearing a crown while spinning a ball, along with the phrase "King of the Hill".

The tattoos on his right arm include the classic "Smile now cry later" masks, along with script above and below.

Mike Bibby Tattoos

Mike Bibby is an excellent American professional basketball player in the NBA, he has played for such teams as the Atlanta Hawks and Sacramento Kings.

Mike Bibby has many tattoos to speak of, including the phrase "Team Dime" along with "onezero" on his back, plus the portraits of his mother and grandparents.

He has numerous tattoos on his hands and wrists including, a "W.W.J.D" bracelet and the word "Faith" on his left hand, plus Psalms 27 and 65.

On his right hand and wrist is the name of his wife "Darcy" plus the word "Loyalty" and "Psalms".

Some of Mike Bibby's other tattoo designs include, a ball and hoop on his leg, a chain-linked cross on his right arm, "Only God Can Judge Me" located on his right calf, plus the first names of all his children.

Alain Bernard Tattoo

Alain Bernard is an outstanding French swimmer who has won three Olympic medals.

Alain has a single tattoo designs on his body that we are aware of, which is a shark with tribal markings located on his left hip/abdomen area.

Checkout these pictures of Alain Bernard's shark tattoo below.

Dimitar Berbatov Tattoos

Dimitar Berbatov is an extremely talented Bulgarian footballer and is the all-time leading goalscorer for the Bulgarian national team.

Dimitar Berbatov has a fair amount of tattoos to call his own, including several Chinese character on his right forearm which are said to represent protection and power.

He also has a rather large tribal tattoo on his left forearm, containing a small cross, and is said to have more tattoos which are less viable.

Raja Bell Tattoos

Raja Bell is a talented American professional basketball player who has played for NBA teams such as the Utah Jazz and Phoenix Suns.

Raja Bell a rather large collection of tattoos on his body, including the sacred Hindu "Aum" symbol.

He has a large lion pawing a basketball with the letters "R A T", located on his left upper arm area.

On his right arm is several tattoos, including names and quotes which are difficult to see clearing, however they contain his name "Bell" and "Dawg".

Amanda Beard Tattoos

Amanda Beard is a stunningly beautiful and talented American Olympic-level swimmer and model, she has won seven Olympic medals over her career.

Amanda Beard has a rather small collection of tattoos to call her own, including her most recent design of three colorful snowflakes on her right calf, which was featured on the television show entitled L.A. Ink.

On her lower back is three stars, each containing an initial of her three sisters, plus another star which is located just below the back of her neck along with another small tattoo design of sorts.

Batista Tattoos

Batista is a wildly popular American professional wrestler who is part of the World Wrestling Entertainment on the SmackDown brand.

Batista has a pretty hefty art gallery of tattoos on his completely ripped body, including a massive Chinese dragon which covers most of his back.

The tattoos on his left arm include, both the Philippines and Greece flag side by side, along with a some red Kanji which reads "Angel" and is dedicated to his wife Angie.

The tattoos on his right arm include, a large colorful tribal design alongside a Chinese dragon and some more Kanji characters.

Batista also has a sun design tattooed around his belly button.

Seve Ballesteros Tattoo

Severiano "Seve" Ballesteros is a great Spanish professional golfer with a former No.1 ranking, who is a major figure in Spanish sports history.

Seve Ballesteros has a single tattoo design which is located on his left forearm.

His tattoo is a small blue silhouette of himself, after winning the 1984 Open.

Buff Bagwell Tattoo

Buff Bagwell is an American professional wrestler and actor, known for his ten year run with World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and small roles in various films.

Bagwell has a single tattoo on his body that we are aware of, located on his left arm.

The tattoo is an armband of rope around his bicep which has two dangling links on his tricep.


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