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Nicolas Cage Tattoos

Nicolas Cage is a brilliantly captivating American actor, known for his leading role in a slew of blockbuster movies including Leaving Las Vegas and National Treasure.

Nicolas Cage has been spotted with several tattoos, many of which are presumed to be fake designs for movie roles. He is suspected of only having one real tattoo, which is of a monitor lizard wearing a top hat, located on his upper back.

Some of his other tattoos include, a demon and flaming skull on his left shoulder and bicep, plus woody woodpecker on his right bicep.

Enjoy this pictures of Nicolas Cage and his tattoo designs.

Sandra Bullock Tattoos

Sandra Bullock is an amazingly talented Oscar winning celebrity actress, known for such movies as Speed and The Blind Side.

Sandra Bullock has been spotted with two tattoo designs, both of which were reveled on the movie screen, including a tattoo on her upper back and her lower abdomen.

Whether or not these tattoos are real or not is certainly debatable.

Sandra Bullock has also been rumored to have gotten a recent tattoo, located on her breast.

Russell Brand Tattoos

Russell Brand is a brilliant clever and witty English comedian, actor, columnist and author.

Russell Brand has six visible tattoos on his body, however there is no information to clarify if these tattoos or real or simply for movie roles.

His tattoos include a large eyeball on his upper left arm, plus the word "ecstasy" on his right hip, along with other tattoos.

Orlando Bloom Tattoos

Orlando Bloom is a brilliantly talented and charismatic English actor, best known for his role as Legolas in The Lord of the Rings and as Will Turner in the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy of movies.

Orlando Bloom has two tattoos which we know of including an Elvish design which translates into "The Nine", for the 9 cast members of the fellowship of the ring.

His other tattoo is located on the left side of his lower abdomen and is of a rather small sun.

Orlando has also had numerous fake tattoo designs for movie roles.

Checkout these great pictures of his tattoos.

Halle Berry Tattoo

Halle Berry is a stunningly beautiful golden globe award winning actress, former fashion model and beauty queen.

Halle Berry has a single tattoo design on her body, which is of a rather large sunflower located on her right butt cheek.

The tattoo was originally of her ex husbands first name "David", which she later covered with the flower design.

Sean Bean Tattoos

Sean Bean is a tremendously talented English film and stage actor, perhaps best known for his role as Boromir in The Lord of the Rings.

Sean Bean currently has three tattoo designs which we know about, including two designs which are dedicated to his favorite football team, Sheffield United.

His first football tattoo says "100% Blade" and is located on his left upper arm, along with the letters "SUFC" on his wrist.

Mr. Bean's other tattoo reads "Nine" in the mythical Elvish language, and is part of a "tattoo pact" with fellow Lord of the Rings cast members who received the very same tattoo design.

Other cast member with the "Nine" tattoo are, Elijah Wood, Sean Astin, Billy Boyd, Ian McKellen, Dominic Monaghan, Viggo Mortensen, Orlando Bloom, and John Rhys-Davies.

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Fairuza Balk Tattoos

Fairuza Balk is a terrific celebrity actress, best known for her role in the movies The Craft and American History X.

Fairuza Balk has quite a few tattoo designs on her body, including a small crescent moon with a face and the sun, located on her lower abdomen. (Not pictured)

The tattoos on her right arm include, the word "Freedom" along with an armband of ichthys and a small symbol of sorts.

On her left are is a blue triangle with a black outlining, said to represent the arm patches which Nazi soldiers placed onto war camp prisoners.

Some of her other tattoos include, a large rose on the left side of her lower abdomen, a Sanskrit for "Om mane padme hum" which is located in the center of her lower back, and two cats with intertwined tails on the back of her left shoulder.

Stephen Baldwin Tattoos

Stephen Baldwin is a successful American film actor, perhaps best known as the youngest of the 4 famous Baldwin brothers.

Stephen Baldwin has several tattoo designs scattered around his body including, the letters "H M" (Hannah Montana) after losing a bet with Miley Cyrus.

The tattoos on his left arm include, a banner with his wife's name "Kennya" along with several roses, the word "Daddy" with the quotations, plus a Chinese symbol which means "Servant" on his inner forearm.

He has 3 tattoos on his back including, the word "Believe" just below his neck, a large prowling tiger on the left side and a design meant to represent sobriety on the right side.

Some of his other tattoos include, a Chinese symbol on his inner right forearm which means "Master", four large old english style letters on the top of his left forearm, and a large cross/dagger on the top of his right forearm, plus a design with a name on his right shoulder.

Diora Baird Tattoos

Diora Baird is a gorgeous Hollywood celebrity actress who is known from movie such as, Wedding Crashers and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning.

Diora Baird has five tattoo designs on her body, including a maple leaf on the top of her right foot.

Other tattoos on the lovely actress include, an arrowhead on the back of her right ankle, the astrological sign of Aries on her left ankle and the outline of a dove carrying an olive branch, located on the inner portion of her wrist.

Her latest tattoo appears to be a name, which is on her right wrist.

Steve Austin Tattoos

Steve Austin, perhaps better known by his ring name "Stone Cold" is a former professional wrestler and current celebrity movie and television star actor.

Stone Cold Steve Austin has two tattoo designs, including a small crystal ball on his left leg.

He also has the the state of Texas along with a steer/longhorn head, tattooed on his left calf.

David Arquette Tattoos

David Arquette is a talented and humorous film actor, director and producer, probably best recognized for his role in the horror trilogy, Scream.

David Arquette has a handful of tattoo designs on his body, including a large dragon on his right calf.

Some of his other tattoos include, the "sacred heart of Jesus" on the right side of his chest, along with a devil lady holding a pitchfork on his right pelvis. David also has a band around his right forearm and a large tattoo design on his left leg.

It has also been rumored that David Arquette has his mothers name tattooed on his back.

Sean Astin Tattoo

Sean Astin is a great American movie actor, director and producer, best known for his role in the movie, The Goonies, Rudy and in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Sean Astin has a single tattoo design, its an Elvish word for "nine" located on his right ankle.

He and eight other cast members from the Lord of the Rings film, got matching tattoos to commemorate their involvement in the Fellowship of the Ring project.

The other actors who got the same tattoos are, Elijah Wood, Sean Bean, Billy Boyd, Ian McKellen, Dominic Monaghan, Viggo Mortensen, Orlando Bloom, and John Rhys-Davies.

Tom Arnold Tattoos

Tom Arnold is a successful yet somewhat troubled American actor and comedian, known for his role in a slew of movies, including True Lies and Big Bully.

Tom Arnold has four tattoos on his body, which we are aware of.

His tattoos include, a portrait of his former wife Roseanne Barr located on the left side of his chest, along with the Jewish "Star of David" on the right side of his chest.

Tom also has a well intentioned Chinese symbol tattoo on his right leg, which was meant to say "Love of Mankind", however he later discovered the tattoos says "Man Love".

He was quoted as saying “I have a tattoo that I thought said Love of Mankind, which I got after the Tiananmen square thing. They said, don’t mention that on Chinese TV. They also told me it actually says Man Love.”

And finally, Tom has a large tattoo on his left shoulder which appears to be some flowers of sorts.

Nicole Arbour Tattoos

Nicole Arbour is a lovely and talented stand up comedian and actress, often referred to as "The World's Sexiest Comedian".

Nicole only has one tattoo that we are aware of, and its located on the lower left side of her abdomen, just above her underwear line.

The tattoo is very small and rather difficult to see clearly, however it appears to be a single musical note.


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